Froggys Thoughts
on Dawson
Episode for 1/13/99
    Ok so i have one word to sum up last weeks show: SMUT In fact something like that make sme want to rename it  Melrose Creek.  I mean there only 15 and 16 and there going around drawing nude pictures of each other. I am however glad to see Jen not a total slut anymore. I also have to applaud Andie and Pacey for not having sex after that taky condem shooping seens. Im how often when your about to by a condom do you go shopping with your girlfriend for it. The sad part about is the only two that are seeing each other were from as far as we know the only ones that didnt have sex together. Now before i can really say to much more i need to see the conclusion. I just want to see how he changes the movie. Lets just hope it is not now revolving around Jen instead of Joey.
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