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                                                           A Little Bit of News 
                                                                                        Help Needed!
                                                            In order for Star and I to be able to maintain are
own websites we need your help. We are looking for
people who watch Dawsons Creek and can write about
both the pros and cons of it. Email me at kermit_the_fg99
@ hotmail.com

 If you would like to recieve a letter when this page
is updated and other things concerning the page mail
me at kermit_the_fg99@hotmail.com Thankyou

Perhaps hate is a strong word.           Drag me naked over a bed 
In this page you will find all           of thumbtacks and then 
sorts of fun things to prove             pour lemon juice on me!
that DC is a show meant to               Make me listen to "My 
corral teenagers for an hour so          Heart Will Go On" over
they can perform mind altering           and over and over!  But
experiments.  The results of             never put the cast of 
these experiments include singing        Dawson's Creek on your 
annoying Paula Cole songs,               cover again!  That has 
excessive wearing of clothing            got to be the most 
from the Gap and J. Crew, and use        annoying show ever created
of big words without knowing             and yes, I'm aware that 
their meaning.  This is meant            Love Boat: The Next Wave
to be a lighthearted stab at a           exists
show on hype overload.  If you                          
think you may be offended (and           ~A disgruntled reader of 
I must say this is pretty tame           Entertainment Weekly on a
considering), you may want to            recent magazine cover 
leave now.  If you need to contact       featuring the cast. 
me, you can email me at laissa@
theglobe.com. or at    
marybug33@hotmail.com.                   I would like to now  
If you have                              apologize for my egard to
address, you know it signs me            the pro section of this
"Maria Tenian".  Thats not my            page.  I think I'll
name, obviously.  That's the             wait until the new 
name I used to get an account            season starts in case
there, and it won't let me               I need to change my 
change the preferences.  Oh well,        positon.
c'est la vie. Lets enjoy          
the page, shall we?  A final note,       ~Your webmistress,
I am finally getting around to           Star
updating, and I'm experimenting          ~Your webmaster,
with new HTML tricks.  You see,          Froggy
school has started again, and 
now that I'm in a groove, I have 
more time to be online. I do 
realize, however that this 
page hasn't been updated in about 
a month, and that the new season 
of DC HAs started.  Yea!

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