Parents Television Council

Why I'm not as jazzed as you might think

As I'm sure you know, the Parents Television Council has bestowed upon Dawson's Creek the title of "Most Objectionabe" of the "dirty dozen". But going beyond the language was the one thing that put DC above all the other "immoral" shows - Pacey's sleeping-with-the-teacher subplot. It said that the subplot "had to be outrageous to stand out among the many references to raging hormones, penis size, masturbation, and the like". Of course, the PTC also condemned Ally McBeal for condoning oral sex, Spin City for promoting promiscuity and homosexual "relations", and Ellen for, well, gee lets think about that one. So I should be jazzed that DC got slammed, right? Dead Wrong.

I cannot condone an organization that puts down shows for these issues. It takes about the only thing DC gets right and condemns it! It found the aspects of the show that I find most acceptable (and I'm a Christian!) and trounces them. For example, my school has just recently learned of a teacher-student relationship. I attend a Catholic School, we've had people having sex in the stariwells. If I were going to condemn the show, I'd pick the overall whiny-ness, use of mood lighting, and Dawson's hair (which he got cut and dyed, thank God - he looks almost cute now). Not to mention that the PTC feels the need to condemn homosexuality. Showing homosexuality on TV will not turn children into homosexuals. The PTC is living an outdated existince, and I cannot condone their attitudes. This is not the way I want DC seen. If I want DC to be criticized, it should be for pretentious writing and unrealistic characters, not for sexual content. If you disagree, I'd like to hear from you. Email me at