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Note: I am planning a vast upheaval of both pro and anti pages, starting with the pro page which is seriously lacking. It will soon have features just as the anti side does. This will take time, however, and as always: NO FRAMES!

Welcome to Dawson's Creek...an adventure in logic. I will be your host, may I bring you a beverage? This page is for anyone who wants to hear intelligent opinions, both positive and negative, about everybody's favorite teencom, Dawson's Creek. Maybe its just me (and I don't think it is), but DC is a guilty pleasure. When I watch something like "Law and Order", "The Practice", or even "ER", I feel some sense of validation. When I watch "The X-Files", even though the show centers around a combo of paranoia and mythology, I feel good because the writing was intelligent. But when I watch Dawson's Creek, I can't help but think that I could be doing something better with my life. But I indulge anyway, which is why this page has two sides. I do like it, but I find so much wrong with it. Without further ado, I give you two sides of DC.....

Dawson's Creek...an adventure in logic

This site is for anyone who is sick of the Dawson hoopla and wants some logic in their programming! Or, click on the picture at the top to enter my site

Yippe for Dawson!

This is an essay on why Dawson's Creek is improving our airways

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