A character analysis

Our Dawson....he's a "fine upstanding,healthy normal american boy". Actually, he resembles a cocker spaniel, and as Breanne so eloquently put it, Dawson is a rich person's dog's name. But anyway, I will say now that he got a bit cuter after cutting off that shaggy mane (see-shaggy! more dog references!) for a movie (Varsity Blues? something like that) Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Dawson, our adorable(?) title character, gets into more uncompromising situations than anyone I know. Dawson thought-"Should I kiss Jen? Oh, the lighting has to be right!" He should have brought in a boom operator to make sure the music was in the right key. I can picture it now: Dawson, Jen, romantic lighting, boom mike operator, add. 2nd 2nd assistant director, foley grip, etc. Yup, Jen would have been happy with that.

Dawson is a cocker spaniel, which I think I have already established. He can't do anything NOT weakly. When Joey argues in her pretentious manner, he gives weak protest. When Jen dumps him, he verges on strong opinions, but ultimately gives...ta da! weak protest! Kevin Williamson created a loveable wimp for his title charecter. But every once in a while, he is given a chance to shine. When he discovers his mother's affair, he borders on true, valid emotion. Some credit is due to James Van Der Beek (is it beek? I always want to put berk or beer. With that name, he would make a great boxer), and for that matter, all the actors deserve credit for making banal lines sound almost believable. Back to Dawson and his valid emotions.... He needs to stop and survey the situation. I hate to say it, but Joey had a point. Dawson does have a relatively priveliged existince. We've all seen the inside of that house. It always amazes me that people with that much can find so much to complain about. I am in no way deprived, but it would take my family a few income notches upwards to live like Dawson. Dawson's concerns revolve around his love life. Oh his poor life, 2 girls want him (for some inexplicable reason). I think of Dawson as perfect friend material, a guy who can have serious conversations. Joey is giving up a wonderful thing for what is sure to be a fleeting romance. But enough about Dawson. His main problem is not realizing what he has, and thats a valid part of the show. I can't discredit it too much, but I can still call it annoying.

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