Froggys Thoughts

On Dawson for the week of Nov.3rd's episode.

Originally I thought that this whole Dawson-Joey was just stupid and Joey should go with Pacey but with the edittion of the new cast members (which was a very smart idea) Ithink the pairings of Joey and Jack, Pacey and Andie are very suiting. Up to the last episode I just thought Jen was a bitch but now I just feel sorry for her.You almost have to. With her grandma and that one bitch, Abby. The best moment of the episode was when she slapped her. I found it rather fun. I also think with Dawsons, life being hell with his mom and dad and Joey kissing Jack, and Jens life being hell maybe they should get back together. My advice is put Joey and Jack together and there's something there. All I have to say for Dawson's parents is get a divorce an quick its starting to get old and just ruining Dawson's life.


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