Do you need quick reference on the features of my page? Are you coming from the diary and curious? Here's the lowdown, with no pictures for easy downloading...

Dawson's Diary This is the place for you if you want to see what Dawson is thinking. Its the newest member to the Logic family, and is the only page made with QuickPage.

Dawson vs Zach For harmless fun with a twisty ending, go here to see that Dawson Leery is really Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell. I soon hope to add a textual component to this page, but its still great.

PTC condemning Dawson's Creek was not so recently condemned for its excessive use of sexual material and other horrible things, but I'm not jazzed about it. Go here to see why.

{Dawson Bio}{Joey Bio}{Jen Bio}{Pacey Bio} They are all kind of self explanatory. For my character analysis of each of these lovely characters, click the one you want to read. Its a easy as that. So do it already!

Get a Life One of the stupidest things you can say to me is "Get a Life" and I will tell you all about how stupid that cliched phrase is in this essay.

Hatemail I get pleanty of hatemail, and some of the more choice stuff is in here. Its really entertaining, I swear.

Headlines Need the {fake} scoop on all things Dawsony? I got your stuff right here, baby! So sit yourselves down and read about the perils of Paula Cole.

Hype vs Buzz Is Dawson Hyped? or is it Buzz? Whats the difference? Don't worry your pretty head, I'll tell you. But you have to click on the link......

Issues Forum What, you haven't been to the issues forum? Oh man are you missing out! This is WHAT is wrong with Dawson's Creek! These are the issues! If you complain about my bashing, read this to figure out why!

Who We Are Its a conspiracy, you have it all figured out. We are out to get you. But for once, we are letting you know who we are. click here to know...you know you want to.

Read and Sign my guestbook Kinda self explanatory, huh? Well so is this: Boardroom. Its, well, the boardroom.....

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