Get a Life

If you have the nerve to use this phrase with me, then you obviously need to read this.

Through the hateful messages I have recieved concerning this page, the overall message is to "get a life", which itself is an overused, cliched phrase put into effect when someone can't think of anything intelligent to say. Essentially, it means to go away and do something productive with my life. Well let me tell ye olde lemmings all about why I do this. I do not do this to please everybody. If you like DC above all else and do not want to hear my opinions, then go away. I don't want you polluting up my site with your bad vibes. If you want to hear what others have to say and break away from the pack, I invite you to stay, and I would love to hear from you. But if you use the phrase "Get a Life", it could get ugly.

Tell me your definition of a "Life". Does it mean going out on weekends, hanging out with 29 people you don't really like, seeing a movie or going to some fake "teen center" where you sneak in alcohol because it makes you cool? Do you worry about being cool? Do you subscribe to Seventeen just to read who's in and who's out? I read on someones DC page that Home Improvement was "so over". Are you like this person, basing your likes and dislikes on what is popular at the moment? If you do, then 7 years from now, when DC is a joke and the next big thing is on TV, will you abandon it in favor of something else, saying its "so over"? If you fit these descriptions, you probably also use the phrase "get a life" when talking to people like me. Are you threatened because I have a mind of my own? Does it bother you that I don't care who's in and who's out, that I will do what I please? Does it matter to you that the first thing I look for in guys is personality as opposed to looks? Or how about the fact that I don't go out every weekend. I don't spend my life on the phone, or in a clique, constantly having 3 others backing me up. I don't depend on my online friends to "flame" those with different views. I can spell. And above all, I have my moral integrity intact. I can sleep at night knowing I haven't done anything grossly immoral. And for all these reasons, you tell me to get a life. I hate to break it to you, but all the things that you hold important, your friends and your weekends and your parties and the need to be accepted, they don't constitute a life. If this doesn't apply to you, great. I'm proud that you have broken the mold. If this does apply to you, and you want to send me hatemail, I hope to God you don't say: "Get a Life".

Let me tell you why I do this. I obviously don't do this to please everybody. I do this because I feel DC is overhyped. I enjoy DC, and I watch it all the time. But this doesn't mean I can't find flaws in it. I want these flaws to be addressed. You see, it annoys me that when people find something new, they automatically praise it without taking time to watch it and find out why they like it (a la South Park, a show I used to love until I realized they were recycling the same 4 jokes in every episode, and I'm not talking about Kenny dying). For the record, I am not taking this show to another level. People who use DC as their life bible, following every move so that they might someday use it in their own lives, they are the ones taking it to another level. And I feel passionately about delivering new opinions about DC, and you find when you are passionate about something, its very easy to do. I don't spend excessive amounts of time online creating a page, and I spent absolutely no money, so stop telling me I did (I'm not stupid, I wouldn't spend money on a page like this). En total, it took me less than 4 hours, spread over the course of 1 week, to get this up and running (you see, this is pretty primitive writing, and I can type fast and spell). Keep this in mind when you send your hatemail. Graci!

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