Froggys Thoughts: Special Edition
The Golden Globes
    The winners are in and some wierder than others if i do say so myself the 2 two most shocking ones were Felicity's Keri Russel for Best Actress in a Drama, and Jim Carrey for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama. the best thankyou goes to Camreon Manhiem( I hope thats her name) who said "Thanks to all the senators who vote to dismiss the trial tommorrow." Most Lifetime Achievment Awards are incredibly boring but i managed to watch the  whole thing when Jack Nicholson recieved his. Also I know Micheal J Fox has a disease and all but that show just is not that funny. I was just insulted that Ally MCbeal got nominated little win I mean there is this show called Friends that is 10 times funnier and is having its best season and didnt even get nominated. Then there was Frasier wich is having its worst season and still got nominated. If it would have one someone would have died. I am also quite confused by the best supporting actor and actress catagories for tv it really was quite stupid to have them all jumbled into one catagory and then have all those ties. Then top it off 2 tv movies won.