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Paula Cole knocks out cast with Heart of the Ocean

by Theresa Brown
BS syndicate

Grammy-winning singer Paula Cole last night knocked the cast of TV's "Dawson's Creek" unconsious with the famed "Heart of the Ocean" from Titanic, a piece Cole stole from rival Celine Dion in a mad rampage 2 weeks ago. All cast members are now doing fine, after being flown from their New England set to Cedar-Siani in LA by their agents' request. Cole was detained by authorities until she sang "Where have all the Cowboys Gone", which the officers on duty mistook for a football call. Cole escaped and is currently barracaded in her hometown. Her lawyer had this to say: "Paula will not talk to the press about this incident until AFTER the Lilith Fair". Apparently, Cole was put into a music induced trance that told her to do things, mainly steal Ms. Dion's necklace and bean the cast with it. The song in question: Cole's own "I don't wanna wait", which serves as the theme song for"Dawson's Creek". Kevin Williamson, the show's creator, had no comment.

Zach Morris involved in "Dawson" Scandal

by Jeremaiah Clausky
BS syndicate

Mark-Paul Gosslear, late of the popular show "Saved by the Bell", has been arrested for involvment in a fake "Dawson's Creek". This new show takes the name "Dawson's Creek" and uses it illegally, trying to pass it off as the original. It can be seen on UPN at 9:00 Tuesdays, while the original is on the WB. Other actors involved in the scandel were: Saved By the Bell alumn and current 90210 girl Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, the blond girl from "California Dreams", and a kid from a Nickelodeon show nobody cared about. All were sentenced to 30 hours of community sevice at WGN cable. Their reps had no comment at press time.

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