I guess if you've stumbled here, you want to know about me. Well, gee, where do I start? Here's an easy reference profile for you:
Name: Star
Age: 16
Place: St. Louis area
Hobbies: compulsive movie fan; Listener of Dave Matthews Band and Radiohead; guy-watching; internet surfing; independence and fighting for the underdog.
Favorite TV shows: The Simpsons, Dr Katz: Professional Therapist, Law and Order (SHUT UP! its good, and I'm hooked)
Favorite Movies: Jurassic Park, Arachnaphobia, Real Genius
Other: I like taking pictures, therefore I always look like a tourist when I go out with my camera. I have an affinity toward Nicolas Cage movies and the book Fahrenheit 451. I am also Catholic, which, by the way, in no way discredits my belief in free speech and the like. It annoys me that people assume others with religious beliefs do not have minds of their own. Because I believe in God doesn't make me a pop culture sheep, and because I am a republican, it doesn't make me conservative on every subject in the world. A note to those who want banter: I hate Clinton, am Pro-Life, and have a low tolerancy for stupid comments. I think thats about all, if you want to know more you can email me at laissa@theglobe.com.

So you wonder what these pictures are, eh? They are just pics that I like, for some reason. Enjoy them, touch them, I don't really care what you do as long as you do it in your own house.

Ay, you wonder what this is, do you? Its the Cliff's Notes for the Pulitzer Prize! campaign ribbon. Click the ribbon to go to their site. (p.s. its a joke! don't take it seriously)

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