Welcome to the Issues Forum! This is a Seinfeldian place which devotes a little bit of web space to a small topic from Dawson's Creek (ie someone's haircut, new movie, etc). If someone asks my opinion on something, it will be posted here. Email me at with your suggestions for Issues or write your own Issue paragraph, and it just might get posted. To paraphrase boxing, lets get it on...

(thanks to Flea for these first two issues)
Katie Holmes' singing From what I gather, that is her singing. It took me by surprise because it was so unlike her speaking voice. I don't think I'd advise her to embark on a music career, but it was definately tolerable. (as if you didn't know, she sang "On My Own" in the "Pretty Woman"). I can't say I was amazed, but I did feel a little embarrased for her (I don't know why). If you have an opinion on this topic, send it!

Paula Cole songs I don't have anything against Paula Cole, really, except that I'm sick of her songs. They permeate every radio station and TV show, especially "I don't wanna wait", which is a little too whiney for me in the first place. It captures the essence of the show, but the essence of the show is whiney, just like the song. Actually, its really easy to take shots at her (I know its mean, but still). I don't think I was incredibly insulting, I've seen worse. If you want to shoot off your big mouth about this...send it in!

Anti-religion attitude This one I got all by myself. Its not that the show takes time out to be anti religion, but it doesn't play a part in the show, and when it does it is negative. I'm not saying the show has to be religious, because obviously not everyone is religious. But I find the most prominent religious character, Jen's grandmother, to be the same type of Christian that Americans love to bash. She is deeply religious, a literalist when it comes to the doings and sayings of the Bible. She disapproves of Bodie and Bessie, she doesn't like to hear bad language, she is the epitomime of the cliched Christian. She is the person Marilyn Manson regularly condemns a fascist. Being Christian, I often have to defend myself by saying I'm not fascist, I'm not close minded, and Granny is helping to perpetuate those myths. Its not necessarily anti religion, but its definately not pro Christian. I do wish there was more to the show than what is presented, religiously speaking. We are presented with teens who, despite all their problems, are the great american dream. The producers have created a general idea of what teenagers want, and in that ideal there is no religion, Christian or otherwise. Where are all the Anglicans? Where are all the Jews? There is more to the ideal teen life than figuring out where your relationships stand. Its not quite anti religion, but you can agree that there isn't alot of emphasis on sprituality. As you can see, I could write for awhile on that topic, and I'm sure you can muster enough energy to email me a reply to that

Pacey's Haircut Didja ever notice how Pacey has a George Clooney, neo-Caesar haircut? And then he bought some peroxide and BLEACHED it. So its a white neo-Caesar George Clooney do, and I don't need to tell you that George Clooney's hair looks good only on george Clooney. I think he needs to fix that. Your opinion is welcome, you know where to send it!

Dawson's Spielberg addiction A couple of quick questions: Did he go see "Saving Private Ryan"? He seems a little squeamish. I wonder if he ran out during the gory parts. Also, did he sit through "Amistad"? Because even the sturdiest Spielberg fans had to find that excruciatingly boring. Hmmmmmm, and you think what? Send it in!

Capeside's time frame I am a tad confused. First its summer, then school's in, then it appears to be summer whenever they feel the need. Also, I read that Kevin Williamson's master plan is to have them out of sophomore year in three years....well won't that be interesting! Since I just completed my sophomore year, I'll be in college when they are becoming Juniors. If this 3-years-per-grade thing continues, Dawson will be a 30 yr old Senior. Well, 90210 did it, why can't DC? Your feedback, please!

More to come soon, I promise!