A character analysis

We are all familiar with Jen; fancy schmancy New Yorker who was "corrupted at too early of an age" or something like that. She is/was Dawson's inexplicabe object of affection, a demi-god in his eyes. Of course, she was painfully nice, especially to Joey, who decided that being an unbeatable bitch would be the best course of action. I don't like Jen because she takes on too much personal responsibility for what happens. When she broke up with Dawson, she said something to the extent of her being to experienced for him. I distinctly remember her saying "I've never stayed home on a Saturday night". Well, over in Capeside, I'm pretty sure thats called a slut, but unfortunately we can't call Jen that.

It is that need to take on responsibility (oh we can't have a relationship because I....., we can't go because I....) and they aren't valid reasons. "I'm too experienced" is NOT a good reason to crush Dawson's fantasy world. But what annoys me most is her continually atheist assumtion. I respect her opinion, but she doesn't want to compromise. She won't go to church, why? Will she burn up if she enters a church? Why can't she go and avoid useless conflict with her grandmother? Because she is stubborn and childish. She uses big words, rejects God, and drinks coffee....ohhhhhh she's sophisticated. And the lemmings in Capeside agree....she must be sophisticated. But to us in the real world, we know she just likes to have her own way. There is an excellent page online, I Hate Jen, which outlines all the reasons they, well, hate Jen. Its quite interesting.....(thanks in order to Sara Barton for sending me the URL, I forgot to look for it).

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