A character analysis...

Ah the lovely Miss Potter. Joey, Joey poor diluted Joey. Actually, Joey used to be my favorite charecter because I saw a lot of myself in her. It was refreshing to see someone like me onscreen, that doesn't happen too often. But as the show progressed, all those qualities in Joey seemed to disappear, and whiny-ness prevailed. Poor Joey. She sits around moping because she can't have Dawson, won't tell Dawson, and when she gets around to blurting out something halfway decent, he's too lost in puppy dog world to notice. I feel for her, I really do.

So why did she become so annoying? Well, her subplot has been overused. On how many Daytime soap operas have we heard the sob story of my dad's in prison? She used it to great effect. But more than that, she didn't know when it was time to stop with the Freudian language. On of the most refreshing things about the show was the vocabulary: I was ecstatic to hear teenagers talk the way I talk, but no one can talk Freud talk ALL THE TIME. It did little to show her intelligence and more to show pretense. But she did get off a couple of good lines (memorably: "Thank you Satan for sending one of your disciples to finish me off" in response to a bad thing in a bad day.) That's the Joey I liked: the one with wit without pretense. But ever since she decided she was going to love Dawson unconditionally, well she got ANNOYING. Aren't there cuter, more availible, more willing, and LESS DENSE guys in Capeside, Joey? On a different note, Katie Holmes is doing a wonderful job with the charecter, despite the wanderings into whiny (its not her fault, its the writing). So my advice to Joey - CHILL! Cherish what you have, dear, and stop whining to the rest of us about it!

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