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Froggys Thoughts Those of you that have read my thoughts on dawson  I have a new page that will have my thoughts on several shows includin Friends, Felicity, and Er.

Justin's Page You know Justin, right? He has a page - YEA! Go there, por favor, and sign his guestbook.  You best go here since I am now comaker of this webpage.Or I will send Moose and Squirrel after you.

This is the Dawson's Creek Bashing Brigade, and it links to most of the anti Dawson's Creek sites.
Heaven's Page. As I've said before, Heaven is my cohort, and she has a page with a big word in the title. Just go there to make her feel special
Breanne's Page - May the Force Be With You! I swear, its not a Star Wars worship page but a page o breanne just bursting with links for the whole family.
Flea's Boardroom Flea's boardroom (fancy title, huh?). He's a great guy with a kickass boardroom. Go there, you'll love it.