A character analysis

In my eyes, Pacey is not only cuter than Dawson, but far less annoying. He is my favorite because of his "who gives a crap attitude on life". I am supposed to criticize his affair with his teacher, but I can't because I've seen it happen. I should hate Pacey because he has no direction, he spends his days chasing women and is generally considered to be the loser in the group. I know in the series finale, they are going to make him something famous (a male model? I dunno, that I could work, and there would be millions of happy fans, myself included). So why is it that his careless attitude that would annoy the hell out of me in real life, why is this attitude so appealing onscreen?

The answer is simple. In a show like Dawson's Creek, everything is taken seriously. The minute details of teenage life are personified. I understand this is the way life is, but TV is supposed to be an escape from that. On a show like My So Called Life, everything about it was real. The only thing DC got right was the sex talk, and even MSCL touched on that. But Dawson's Creek is just a teenage soap opera, not taking matters seriously but taking them melodramatically. Pacey is the comic relief, and I know I'm thankful for it. Advice for Pacey: keep up the good work! But maybe try to be a little productive before you get boring

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